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Collaborative Project for Seventh Semester of 2014

The duration of this project was approximately two weeks long for a Fourth Year Small Buildings course under the instruction of Professor Baruch Zone. This was done in collaboration with Amanda Crisp. We also submitted this for a competition. The competition was located in a neighbourhood called the Beaches in Toronto. Located on Woodbine beach are five evenly spaced metal life guard stands. These utilitarian structures were to be used as the armature or foundation for the installation. The competition was to be a temporary  installation and needed to be able to withstand the rigours of Toronto winter weather. The competitions theme was “Warmth.” Competitors were asked to create installations anchored to the lifeguard stands which can add among other things, colour, movement and humour to the landscape. It was hoped these installations will engage the audience and community. There was no limit to the size of the installation, but durability and constructibility were part of the competition judgment.  

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