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frankfurt studio abroad

Frankfurt Studio Abroad

Professor: Yew-Thong Leong

7th Semester

Project Duration: June - July 2014

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Dropbox link: Research Book

The outline of this project was to retrofit and redesign a public square called Konstablerwache located along the Zeil, a pedestrian mall corridor in Frankfurt, Germany. The site was analyzed and documented throughout the month of June. Some of the main obstacles on the site were the four entrances to the subway line below, the steps raising the site, the location of garbage compost, space for the market held weekly, and location of subway mechanical vents. Another obstacle was connecting the square, Konstablerwache, and bringing its lack of presence to the rest of the pedestrian mall. The Zeil is located in the downtown core. It stretches from two main squares, Hauptwache to Konstablerwache. The Master Plan of the city is to extend this pedestrian mall both westward and eastward, due to the extensive divide and segregation between economic and societal classes in Frankfurt.

Through this design intervention, that gap is conceptually and physically bridged. It bridges the gaps above and below the human plane, while extending interactions to influence personification through programmatic implementation.  

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