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School Project for Seventh Semester of 2014

Duration of Project: Two weeks

Course: Small Buildings 

Course Instructor: Prof. Baruch Zone 

Year: 2014

The objective of this course was to design a prototype for housing. A simple concept tackling an ongoing complex task. This is a transitional house designed for a natural hazard relief situation. Through the use of a 40x8x8 ft shipping container, a family is provided with a water pump and solar collectors, giving them the essentials they need to live.


The water tank acts as a water collector, water filter, and pump. A 40m pipe drilled into the ground pumps up the water to the tank through the means of air pressure. The water can be pumped in multiple ways; in this particular prototype the use of a teeter-totter acts as the physical pump, however this can be done in more traditional ways such as a foot or hand pump. The idea behind the teeter-totter was that it would provide a sense of play and joy for the children, especially during a disaster relief situation where they have lost everything. The water tank has multiple valves where other houses could attach to the same outdoor tank. The tanks inside the house each service a different use such as a shower or sink.  The outdoor tank has a filter at the top and all the water goes through this filter allowing for clean, drinkable water in the home. The filter is a ceramic compound which is known to be a natural filter.


The house can be shipped with the water tank and the supplies all at once. All the objects needed can fit within the shipping container. The roof of the shipping container has a hatch, where the water tank can be lifted out of it. This will allow for a decrease in the cost of shipping as well as speed up the on site construction assembly. The windows in the house have a horizontal pivot allowing for natural ventilation to occur, especially in areas where it is needed most likely above the stove, so the heat can escape right away. Depending on the conditions and damage of the area from the natural hazard, this prototype may not be able to be used. However, where conditions apply this prototype would be a successful transitional home to help people get back on their feet again. 

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