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Studio Project for Sixth Semester of 2014

This was a collaborative project done with my studio partner, Amanda Crisp. This was a semester long project under the instruction of Professor Russell Richman and  Part-Time Instructor Jeff Geldart. The outline of this project was to choose between one of our previous designs for this project.  We collectively decided to continue to evolve mine. Since this was a semester long project a full set of construction documents were produced. Innovative details were developed to showcase various aspects of our design. While keeping the same program, we strategized regarding the form of the building to develop an even stronger concept. Many changes in the original decision were made to create a more sustainable design.  The physical and mental health programs were made completely separate from each other in this design. Treating this design as conceptually two different buildings attached by bridges on each floor and a joining ground floor. The material of the facade changed from brick and wood to an aluminum panel. Two different exterior shading systems were introduced; one shading system of horizontal fins has a wider spacing, located on the physical health areas of the building. The other shading system of horizontal fins has closer spacing located on the mental health areas of the building to enhance their privacy. The spacing of the fins allows for a visual connection from one side to the other. This visual connection was important in order to engage people throughout all areas of the building, keeping it an open and welcoming place for all. 

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