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Studio Project for Fifth Semester of 2013

This project is located at a parking lot on 439 Wellington Street West in Toronto, Canada. Duration of the project was two months under the instruction of Professor Russell Richman and Part-Time Instructor Jeff Geldart. A majority of this time was spent developing a program suitable to meet the needs of the Wellington community. A neighbourhood analysis was done to develop a strong program that would enliven and nurture the community. The program was the essence behind the concept of the buildings form. It consists of three main parts, physical health, mental health, and nutrition. Therefore, the building is split into two main parts, physical health and mental health, with nutrition immersed throughout it all. These parts were all broken down to develop an even stronger program. The two main parts emphasized the form of the building by having two boxes within one big one, separating the physical and mental health programs from each other. The nutrition element is emphasized in the pushing and pulling on the north and south face of the building, to allow for light to enter into the deep spaces within the building and also to provide green outdoor spaces for vegetation to grow. Overall, The programmatic layout is how the form of the building was conceptually developed. Both form and function are completely intertwined.

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