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Studio Project for Fourth Semester of 2013

The duration of this project was approximately three weeks under the instruction of Part-Time Instructor Michelle Grant. The site is located at 375 Church Street in downtown Toronto, Canada.  The program of this site was a parking lot. It is a residence for mature students of nearby universities. The building is oriented around sun exposure. The building fans out and spirals from the core circulation space of the building on the north west corner of the site (refer to parti diagram below). This fanning creates a maximum amount of sunlight to enter the apartments on the north west corner of the building. A central hallway runs through, allowing residences maximum sun exposure. These wings of the building fan out at an angle to capture the majority of morning and evening sun. Program involves a community garden to educate people about food security in downtown Toronto. This community garden consists of an Aquatic Research Centre and Hydroponic Research Centre on the first floor. The Hydroponic Research Centre is located specifically on the site in an area that receives the most sunlight. This is intentionally done so that the plants can receive a sufficient amount of sunlight. On the second floor there is a student study space for the residents to use freely, with a view area to look into the Hydroponic Research Centre below. There are two types of residential units. There are three townhouses located on the southern portion of the building, specifically for students who are married and need more space. These units are accessed from the street and have parking spots reserved for them The other residential units on the upper levels are apartment style units, some being multi-unit and some single. 

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