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Studio Project for Third Semester of 2012

The duration of the project was approximately three weeks under the instruction of Sessional Instructor Dimitri Papatheodorou.  The site is a small park on 45 Roxton Road, Toronto, Canada. This chapel is sculpted around geometry and symbolism based around the Christian faith. From an aerial view it is in the shape of a cross and all arms of the cross eventually meet at a point as seen in the parti below. It’s positioned on the site to capture the east and west sunlight during the time when church would be held in the morning and evening services.  Upon entering the church there are two ramps, one ascending and another descending; thus allowing people the freedom to choose to ascend towards the lit sanctuary or descend into the dark basement. This ascension towards the sanctuary is meant to be an uplifting experience, especially with the effect of the stain-glass windows. The sanctuary is located at the centre of the cross in plan, which is also situated at the highest point in the church as well as on the site. The baptismal tank is the first object one crosses over before entering the sanctuary. It extends through the walls of the sanctuary, leading ones eye towards the outdoors. This acts as a symbol and reminder to those in the faith, how one must put their faith into action, breaking down barriers and branching out to spread the Gospel and love outside of His church. 

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